How do I sell without sounding salesy?

sales May 07, 2024

You’re a kind-hearted person and you don’t want to sound salesy.

Something about it feels icky. You also aren’t quite sure how to ask someone for their money. It makes you a tad bit uncomfortable...or A LOT.

You often say “no worries” when someone says it’s too expensive or you don’t even know HOW or WHERE to start a sales conversation.

It all just leaves you overwhelmed and underpaid, left in this cycle of confusion.

You know you need to make more money and yet, how? when you don’t even know how to sell.

Don’t worry. I once felt this same way. As a kind-hearted, ambitious entrepreneur, I just wanted to give everything away for free, so much so my own life was suffering because of it. I didn’t have enough income to pay my bills. All I cared about was helping people, but to my own detriment.

I was putting everyone else’s oxygen mask before my own, leaving me physically drained and my bank account drained.

You can sell without sounding salesy.

Sales when done right shouldn’t even feel like someone was just sold to, but maybe you’ve been taught icky sales tactics or just watched YouTube videos. I’m sorry to say it but that’s not going to help you get a sale and you know it.

You need to learn how to convert clients through non-icky, heart-centered selling conversations.

So how do you sell without sounding salesy?

  1. Solution-based selling
  2. Selling from a place of service
  3. Authentic conversations & my DM selling framework
  4. Genuinely believing in & gaining confidence in how you can help people
  5. Knowing how to effectively give people AHA or lightbulb moments

Through solution-based selling and selling from a place of service, you can COMPLETELY CHANGE how sales conversations AND objections are handled, because I know you’re tired of hearing “that’s too expensive” or “it’s not the right time”.

In my FREE Masterclass, Overlooked to Overbooked, I walk you through step 3 of the framework, Convert, and some of the fundamental principles when it comes to selling. Watch now here.


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